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R&D Project Navitex "Development for Textiie Wastewater Treatment..."

Currently we are working intensively on our R & D project


"Concept Development for Textiie Wastewater Treatment in Vietnam using Photocatalytic Oxidation with Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles (NaViTex)"


Project partners:

  • Hanoi Universlty cf Science and Technology (HUST), Institute for Research and Development of Natural Products (INAPRO)
  • UMEX GmbH Dresden - Germany
  • Technical University of Dresden (TUD), Institute for Material Science and Max Bergmann Center cf Biomaterials, Chair for Material Science and Nanotechnology - Germany
  • Society for the Advancement of Medical, Biological and Umwelttechnologlen eV (GMBU), Innovative BIo, Medical and Environmental Technologies (GMBU) Functlonal Coatlngs, Dresden - Germany


With questions, please contact:     Dr. Nguyen Minh Tan


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