World's first UV system for water disinfection in passenger aircraft released for standard use. We supported AOA company in the development of the Airbus A 350.

UV-Test System
Measurement of UV lamps
Microbiological tests
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Examples of our engineering services

  • Assistance in plant design and dimensioning
  • Development of a concept for different operating conditions (refuelling, flight operations)
  • Selection of suitable UV lamps including different immersion tube diameters for different temperature conditions
  • Studies on the start-stop behavior of UV lamps in the absolute stress test
  • Studies of the mercury load in case of jet breakage and for the formation of deposits on quartz tubes
  • Biodosimetric tests for the detection of disinfection effectiveness according to ├ľNORM M 5873 and DVGW W 294


he system is now used in the new Airbus A350. The testing was successfully completed and the system was released for serial installation.