New Product - UV system with medium pressure lamp and special coating for corrosive media

UXPM OX Series - Type: UXPM OX 11500  - Power:   2 x 11,5 kW

for the UV - Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) for waste water treatment in microelectronics

Project UV-EL &  V3 Corporation Ltd. - Russian Federation


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UV-EL (Germany)  

V3 Corp (Russland)

UXPM OX Serie 

UV-AOP System UV + H2O2 for Treatment of complexing wastewater from the aircraft industry

Project UV-EL &  bi.bra Abwassertechnik GmbH Dresden 

UXPM OX 7000 E in plastic design for corrosive media

Power:2 x 7 kW

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Our new or significantly modified Standard - Products (2016):

Reduction of Energy by optimum control of the lamp output – UXPM series

Our new or significantly modified Standard - Products (2015):

VAP - new lamps
LE - new lamps
PH - new lamps
UXP P and UXP LE/PH - new lamps

New and modified types of UV systems with 400 W amalgam lamps for disinfection, destruction of residual ozone and TOC reduction:

With an optimized combination of UV lamp (400 W) and electronic ballast, we significantly expanded our product range.

  • An increase in the UVC output by up to 15% increases the maximum flow rate per UV system by same dimensions of the reactor.
  • This lamp is available for disinfection (254 nm) an TOC reduction (254 nm + 185 nm).
  • New multi lamp systems with 400 W UV lamps complete the product range of UV systems for large flow rates.
  • The price-performance ratio of the UV systems was thus significantly imroved. For our customers this leads to a reduction of investment and operating costs, partially more than 20%.
  • This applies to systems for disinfection, residual ozone destruction and TOC reduction.


For details on the new 400 W systems presented at the ACHEMA 2015!

For more informations, please ccontact:      Mrs. Heike Wolf         + 49 351 88 38 31 04