< Deutliche Kosteneinsparung durch neue u. modifizierte Anlagentypen mit 400 W Strahlern!
Category: UV-EL, UMEX

Significant cost savings through new and modified plant types with 400W amalgam lamps for disinfection, destruction of residual ozone and TOC reduction:

With an optimized combination of UV lamp (400 W) and electronic ballast, we significantly expanded our product range.

  • New multi lamp systems complete the product range of UV systems for large flow rates.
  • Our existing UV system types have been optimized in the sense of technical progress, by the use of more efficient ballasts and more powerful UV lamps.
  • An increase in the UVC output by up to 15% increases the maximum volume flow rate per UV system.
  • The price-performance ratio of the UV systems was thus significantly improved. For our customers this leads to a reduction of investment and operating costs per cubic meter of treated water, partially more than 20%.

Take advantage of these benefits.  We gladly answer your questions.

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