neue UV-Anlage für AOP mit Spezialbeschichtung für korrosive Medien

UXPM OX Serie - Typ: UXPM OX 11500  - Leistung:   2 x 11,5 kW zur UV-Nassoxidation (AOP) zur Abwasserbehandlung in der Mikroelektronik Projekt UV-EL &  V3 Corporation Ltd. - Russian FederationWeitere Informationen: UV-EL (Germany)   V3 Corp (Russland)

Significant cost savings through new and modified plant types with 400W amalgam lamps for disinfection, destruction of residual ozone and TOC reduction:

With an optimized combination of UV lamp (400 W) and electronic ballast, we significantly expanded our product range.

Invitation to the fair IFAT 2014 in Munich

The UV-EL GmbH & Co. KG Company exhibiting at IFAT from 05.05. to 09.05.2014 in Munich and would like to introduce our products:Different UV systems for Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP) with H2O2 (laboratory systems, mobile equipment etc.);Systems for photocatalysis;UV systems in pharmaceutical design for small flow rates andNew custom made modifications of our UV systems etc.We would be glad to welcome you at our stand 134 in hall...

Custom Made Medium Pressure Radiation Units for Surfaces

New custom reflector units for radiation of surfaces are now available.Please contact us for questions:Heike Wolf       +49 (351) 88 38 31 04 Further information you will find here.

New Publication: "Characterisation of Lab-Scale UV Systems"

With our partners from the Institute of Water Chemistry at TU Dresden, we have published a new scientific article:            2012 - Zoschke, K.; Börnick, H.; Worch, E.; Ludwig, F.; Röske, I.; Johne, S.; Meyer, A.            Characterisation of Lab-Scale UV Systems            Vom Wasser 110 (2012) 4, S. 120 - 125We will...